Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Brain: Nursery Stuff Arrives

We are getting more and more nursery stuff coming in the mail. I am only ordering big things mainly for the nursery since I have a baby shower being thrown for me in April but it is still exciting to see everything come in. We got the Nurseryworks Tree Bookshelf in the mail, it was GIGANTIC, already preassembled as one massive piece. I just ADORE IT!!!


Of course I wanted Mr. Rogue to install it right away. He had to do some weird finagling with some washers because we have such large baseboards but now it is in and its secure. I cannot wait to fill it with books, cannot wait to have our little guy here so I can read to him.


This week we also got the car seat and stroller delivered. Since I am hoping to use this for other kids we have we were going to go with just a solid black. However then Mr. Rogue wanted something that would be more visible, aka a color, so we picked red a color that will work for both a girl or a boy. I couldn’t find a store that had this stroller so I purchased it without being able to try it. The online reviews were fantastic but I figured if it sucked I could just send it back. ER-MY-GOD it is amazing, smooth, a little bigger than I thought it would be but I do adore it.


Ahhhh so excited for all this awesome baby stuff!

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paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE that tree bookshelf, so cool what you can buy nowadays.

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