Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Accidental Concussion

There are two facts that I would like to get out of the way before I start this story. One is that I LOVE my cat, as in I adore the little drooling grumpy old man that he has become in a way that I cannot even explain. The second is that I have a horrible aversion to all things noisy. As in I am a very noise sensitive person, and now that I am going to have a child soon I am getting pretty worried because let’s face it kids make a ton of noise.


Today Mr. Rogue and I were watching television and the cat was plopped right in the middle of the carpet watching us watch TV. I have no idea why he likes to do this. He doesn’t want to be pet, he doesn’t want to snuggle, he just wants to watch us. Anyways we were watching a serious drama when he started licking, snorting and generally making a nuisance of himself. Generally when I want him to stop doing something I just clap my hands. Animals are super good at interpreting signals as I learned from my dog trainer and I have conditioned my pets to know that means stop.


Except this time he stopped looked at me and then kept right on making the disgusting licking/grunting noise. I got mad, after all I was trying to focus on the movie and here he was making all this noise and distracting me. Instead of getting up and moving him to another room I looked for something to throw near him to startle him into stopping. All the coasters, my usual choice of missile, were being used so I picked up our coaster holder and tossed it a few feet in front of the Seurat.

But then of course the perfect storm was created. The coaster holder perfectly bounced twice and landed with a conk right on the cats head.


Now NO I didn’t mean to hit him, of course I didn’t but accidents happen. But it did hit him and it hit him with a loud enough noise that both Mr. Rogue and I gasped. Seurat shook his head, leapt up in the air, hissed and then took off.

And now of course I am worried. We stop the movie, we both go looking for him and then I find him. I was SO THANKFUL that there wasn’t a bump, there wasn’t any blood, but just as I was taking a sigh of relief that he was ok I noticed his pupils. One was larger than the other.

Google helped me figure out he had a minor concussion. He didn’t have any of the other symptoms; loss of balance, drooling, inability to walk straight. In fact he was curled up in my lap while I was Googling purring. So I decided to just put him in a confined space (the bathroom) and monitor him closely; for the first hour every fifteen minutes and then for three hours after every half hour.


His eye dilated back to normal within 45 minutes but I kept checking on him all night long. He is of course fine. But I felt terrible.

Moral of the story, don’t throw things at your cat, even if he is being exceptionally annoying. And I need to get over my aversion to noises before this baby gets here.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Oh my goodness! Poor kitty.

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