Friday, January 18, 2013

Girls Road Trip: Las Vegas

Its my cousin Ms. Sweetie’s birthday this weekend. About six months ago, ust when I found out I was pregnant, she asked if we could go to Vegas for her b-day weekend. I wasn’t really sure about Vegas while pregnant but decided to keep an open mind and play it by ear; if I was feeling ok then we could go, if I was doing badly then it wasn’t going to happen. I am happy to say that I have been feeling much better, I got the short road trip clearance with my OBGYN, as long as I get out of the car often to walk. So away we decided to go.

Yup I am pregnant and going to Las Vegas!!!!

We decided on doing a slightly low key Vegas trip, dinner, a show, some shopping, some sightseeing and maybe a massage. Mrs. Dancer, my partner in crime also decided to come up, and the three of us got on the road by 11AM to beat the traffic.


I just love road trips, they are so much fun and I have been feeling a little cooped up lately so this was the perfect thing. We were only going for two days, door to door 48 hours. Halfway there Mrs. Dancer took over the wheel and I took a not so quick 2 hour nap in the back seat of the car. Yup it is true I can sleep anywhere! I wanted to make sure that I could make it to midnight tonight and without that nap I didn’t think I could cut it.


We ended up staying at the MGM Grand a hotel I hadn’t been to yet but the Mr. Rogue recommended as being reasonably priced and nice. I was super impressed with the décor, it seems that they just redid the hotel and it was fabulous. It was all floral and pink and trendy, totally not what I was initially expecting. I loved everything about this hotel except of course the smokers. I forgot how much smoke can be in those damn casinos and it really bothered me.


We finally checked in, even early those lines were long, and then we headed to our room to clean up and change. I like being organized and usually would have researched restaurants and attractions before going somewhere so I had a good idea of what I wanted to do. Although I did spend some time making a list I didn’t by any means do my normal amount of research so we sat down and all got out our phones. Between Google and Yelp we managed to find a few options for dinner and then decided on an Italian place that sounded good “Fiamma Trattoria”.

Sadly although I am feeling better I still seem to not be able to eat at restaurants well. At almost every restaurant I have been too the food just isn’t agreeing with me. It’s like Russian roulette with the rules reversed. Instead of one bullet in the chamber there is a bullet in each of the six barrels except one. To say that going out for me is a bad gamble right now is a good call.

Of course I didn’t like my dinner, I sent it back and got something else and didn’t like that either… I know sad; so I instead ate mostly bread. The food going out to eat is just too rich. All I seem to want is plain simple food; mainly sandwiches, soup, bagels, raw fruit and veggies. Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Sweetie both really liked their meals and their wine (pout) so I know that the problem was me and my little baby.


After dinner we had a list of things to do starting with getting to the Venetian for a gondola ride. I have never been to the Venetian, fashioned after Venice it was all decorated with ceiling paintings, a copy of Piazza San Marco and of course the famous gondola rides. After being to Venice I was a little disappointed. Everything was so corny and fake, a shadow of what the real experience was. But I guess that’s Vegas!




Since it was late there wasn’t a horribly long line the gondola rides. We paid, got into our boat and proceeded to take way too many photos while chatting with our oh so sweet gondola driver. We told him it was Mrs. Sweeties birthday and he even busted out in a birthday song in Italian. We all left with smiles!



After our gondola ride we were at a perfect time to get to the Treasure Island show I have heard so much about. There were a TON of people there and the show was a little corny but it was fun with fireworks and fire and singing. It was a must see.



We still had more things on the list and I was craving a little sweet. Thank goodness Vegas has plenty to offer anytime of the night. We found an awesome Gelato place… ummmmm mint chocolate chip hit the spot!


After another quick cab ride, I so was not going to overdo it with the walking, we arrived at our final destination, the Bellagio. I have been here before but it is my favorite hotel I have been too in Vegas. We popped inside first to spend time looking at the awesome Dale Chihuly glass art instillation. Awesome in its vastness with 40,000 pounds of hand-blown glass, it is the largest single glass work. I love art!



Behind the blown glass instillation is the Bellagio Gardens. They change it up all the time in here, this time it was a theme to celebrate the Chinese New Year.



I was really dragging by this point but we had to stop and see one last thing, the Bellagio Fountains, my favorite part of Vegas. AHHHH how I would love to have one of these in my backyard. IF it wasn’t sooooo super cold outside (and yes I know it was 45 but still) I could have stayed for hours. As it was we stayed for two magical shows and then we hailed a cab to get back to our hotel. Mama was ready for bed.



We arrived exhausted at about 1:00am to our GREEN alien room. There was a large neon light that I hadn’t noticed during the day that turned our room this eerie green. We played around with the mechanical screens but we couldn’t get the blackout screen to come down. So I did what any exhausted, frustrated, desperate pregnant woman would do… I started mashing buttons. Yup it worked, someone in the universe took mercy on me and the blackout curtain sailed down into place. TIME for some sleep!


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