Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girls Road Trip: Happy Birthday Ms. Sweetie

We woke up to our second day in Vegas nice and slow. EXACTLY how I love to wake up. Some jumped in the shower, we ordered room service and then we discussed what we wanted to do for the day. I love getting together with girls, gossiping while getting ready, it reminds me of college and sometimes I miss that community of closeness. While eating we enjoyed the nice beautiful sunny day outside. Nice view for sure!


Each of us picked one thing that we REALLY wanted to do on the drive to Vegas yesterday. My number one pick was the Shark Reef Aquarium. I love all things animals, zoos and aquariums make me so happy. I always learn so much and generally that make for awesome photoshoots. Sadly even though I brought my good camera to Vegas I just wasn’t feeling taking photos this morning. I ended up leaving the good camera, which is heavy, back in the room and just taking my small little point and shoot. But then my point and shoot battery died two minutes into the aquarium. I blame the fact that I didn’t have an extra battery, which I ALWAYS carry, on my pregnancy brain.



I still had my iPhone which sucked. I know aquariums are low light and all, I guess I am just spoiled with my DSLR. My photos came out soooo incredibly bad that I ended up using stealing a ton of Mrs. Dancer’s photos. She just got a new super phone and it seemed to work much better than mine. Without a camera constantly in my hand I got to actually ENJOY just the aquarium. I still cursed under my breath a few times when I saw something I wanted a photo of but all in all I got to lay back and relax more. Photography is hard work and not having to think about that aspect allowed me to appreciate the beauty in a different way.


The aquarium wasn’t large, it took us a little under two hours to slowly walk through but it was well maintained and they had some pretty exhibits. By far my favorite part was the tunnels that go under the aquarium. Fish swim all around and above you. We sat down and took a break just enjoying this tank. We were even able to gnab a woman to shoot a group shot for us, Mrs. Dancer was a little shocked at how bright her flash was, her face is priceless!



After the aquarium we were starving, a little food court just outside the aquarium worked for a quick bite. I was still a little hungry after my lunch and Mrs. Dancer offered a fresh tangerine she had brought along. Only problem is that that tangerine was TART instead of sweet. I sooooo don’t like tart things and being pregnant tart flavors are even more repulsive. I started joking that Mrs. Dancer was trying to get me sick on purpose. Then Mrs. Dancer pulled out a snack, spicy mango slices. I decided to pass since I am also not a fan of spicy flavors but Ms. Sweetie decided to give it a try. She literally started CRYING it was so spicy. We all started laughing FAIL Mrs. Dancer and both counts.


Ms. Sweetie wanted to swing by the room to drop off the rest of her salad and her coat and I wanted to grab a camera battery before we went shopping. We got back to the room and I made the mistake of laying down for just a minute. In the end I told the girls to go without me, a nap sounded better, besides we were going to a big dinner and a show tonight and I didn’t want to be dragging.

Getting those two hours rest made the rest of my night fantastic. By the time the girls got back we had just enough time to change and head out the door for our dinner reservations. Ms. Sweetie got a new dress that I loved loved loved. We grabbed a cab and headed for Aria.


Dinner was at Julian Serrano, a Spanish tapas place that had the best food EVER! The décor was really cool and sooo Vegas. Of course the girls got yummy looking martini’s. I splurged with a diet coke but it just wasn’t the same.




We ended up ordering everything that sounded yummy:

goat cheese salad – mixed greens – romesco – mint – almonds – cucumber - tomatoes
stuffed piquillo peppers – goat cheese - mushrooms
coca vegetarian – Spanish pizza – alioli – tomato – onion - pesto
Fried Calamari – alioli sauce
Solomillo Serrano – seared pork tenderloin – Spanish piquillo confit – red wine reduction
callos a la madrilène – honeycomb tripe – morcilla – pork chorizo – beef shank – garbanzos
sautéed artichokes – pata negra crumbs – Spanish artichoke – truffle oil
Creamy risotto – wild mushroom – aged machego cheese
Grilled lamb chop – alioli sauce - rosemary

When we got to the end it was all a little too rich again and I had to stick with the bread. It was a super yummy meal regardless.


We made sure go give us plenty of time between the dinner reservation and the show. We had a good 45 minutes to swing by some of the gambling fun. I am not a big gambler by ANY stretch of the imagination but you can’t come to Vegas without gambling at least a little bit. I decided to spend $10 bucks at the slot machines. I was up $23 dollars at one point but then it started going back down. I cashed out at $10.33, $.33 cents up where I started from. Sure I didn’t win much in the end but at least the house didn’t take a ton of my money either. I am the worst casino customer ever I know!



Finally it was time for what we had been waiting for, our Cirque De Soleil show Zarkana. We had such a hard time between the three of us deciding which show to see. I have already seen 3 others and Mrs. Dancer had seen 1 of the ones that I hadn’t seen but wanted too. Plus we wanted to pick a good show because this was going to be Ms. Sweeties first time. In the end Zarkana won out, seriously all their shows are incredible, you cant loose with Cirque De Soleil.



We were sat early and the anticipation started to build. Some of the performers came out to keep the crowd entertained before the show. I love the whimsicalness of this trope. Everything is beautiful, everything is magical, everything is jaw dropping. Of course no photos during the show.


At the end I was filled like I always am with wonder of what people can do. The magic of the acrobats was incredible. Ms. Sweetie had stars in her eyes, oh yes she is now in love as well.


On the way back we swung into a store for another helping of Gelato. I was dragging and really happy that I got that nap. All in all a perfect day! I went to bed a very happy girl.


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Looks like you girls had a lot of fun. NEVER call Ms Dancer a failure, however, NEVER!

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