Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Babymoon: Monterey Bay

Mr. Rogue and I went back and forth about going away on his break. Would it be safe, would I feel ok, picking somewhere close enough to not be that long of a drive but far enough so we felt like we were away… the list went on and on. Finally last minute Mr. Rogue decided we were going, more amazing than HIM making the decision was that he made the arrangements.

You see Mr. Rogue and I have fallen into some well-defined roles. One of those roles is the Cruise Director; seriously that is what he calls me, because I always make all the arrangements for our trips. Every Single Time. It has gotten to the point where he now jokes about it to other people. On our Galapagos cruise a gentlemen asked how we ended up on that particular boat and he turned to me, patted my hand and said “We are on this awesome vacation because my wife is the most amazing Cruise Director ever.”

Aside from the list of should we shouldn’t we go on this trip the main problem with us going on this trip was that I wasn’t in a planning mood. Seriously this baby is changing my very soul already. I mean ME not wanting to plan something is like the sun not rising in the morning. I simply turned up my nose at something I normally love to do. I love going to new places, I love finding that perfect adorable hotel right on the water, I love researching yummy food in the area and I cannot wait to sink my hands into the awesomeness of all the fun stuff to do. Right now I could care less

Amazingly enough Mr. Rogue picked up the reins and planned the whole trip. That is how we ended up driving six hours up the California coast to Monterey Bay, a place that has been on my list of places to go for a long while.

Mr. Rogue booked us at an adorable little hotel right on the water. And when I say right on the water I mean “Oh MY our hotel, our room, and our room balcony actually stretch out over the water!”


We took our time driving up, stopping every hour so I could get out and stretch my legs, and still we managed to get to the hotel with a good two hours before our dinner reservations. We hung out on the balcony, listening to the waves smashing against the coast and even taking a few photos of some pretty cool birds. There were a bunch of coots and cormorants but the Red Breasted Merganser I don’t get to see very often. Also I was surprised when I spotted a new bird, the Pelagic Cormorant! I haven’t birded in six months. It was simply awesome.




Dinner reservations that night were at Schooners, a gourmet restaurant with rave reviews in the hotel we were staying at. We ordered a tomato mozzarella dish which was divine and then I had the best short rib dinner on the face of the planet. It was so good I ate every single morsel, expect for the tiny bite I taunted my husband with. The house special, apple bread pudding was just ok… my bread pudding is so much better the husband said! LOVE HIM!



Jennifer Arens said...

Duuuuude! What a man!

paul peggy zeus said...

Nice vacation planning. I guess you'll have to pass on your crown to your hubby. A room with a view, a great destination, and a beautiful wife to walk around with. LOVE vacations.

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