Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Brain: Special Delivery & Rug Debacles

The changing table dresser and the crib for the nursery came today. I simply love how restoration hardware had everything wrapped so it wouldn’t get scratched and the time and care the delivers took to make sure they got up our curved stairwell ok. Both pieces were put in the room and assembled; the guy even gave me some pointers on how to easily move the mattress up and down on the crib. Now there is officially FURNITURE in the room! A real crib hurrah.





Having furniture in the room kick-started me wanting to get some of the other things ordered. I opened up my mood board and started getting some of the artwork and other stuff. When I got to the rug I found out that I had selected a thinner woven rug. Now these rugs are great for someone who plans to never sit on them, walk barefoot on them or spill anything on them. In essence they have never been my favorite, and for a nursery it would be a disaster. Let’s face it babies are messy beings that will eventually want to crawl, fall and rub their face all over a rug. Even though I loved the chevron navy and white rug I didn’t get it. See mood board here.

Needless to say my search for a different rug started. And then I started thinking about adding too much color to the main pieces of the room because we plan on trying to get pregnant again realitively soon. Which made me think that maybe I should pick a rug that would work for a boy or a girl so I wouldn’t have to buy another rug. Which turned a straight forward search into a very long tedious one. Finally I found something that I liked and that Mr. Rogue liked and that I thought would work for a boy or a girl. Its simple, its plain, it’s a little fun and it was perfect.


Then I found out that the rug was back ordered. ARGHHHH. Since my baby shower isn’t until April 7th and since the rug was only backordered until March 20th I decided to get it anyways. If it doesn’t ship soon after that March 20th date I will just have to find another one before the shower. I want the babies room finished and DONE by then.


Jennifer Arens said...

Nice to have everything put together for you.

paul peggy zeus said...

I love how high the sides are on that changing table, but don't turn your back for a nanosecond.

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