Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Brain: OBGYN Appointment

I have been coming to the OBGYN every three weeks since I got past the 12 week mark. I go so often so they can check my blood pressure, monitor my blood and urine and make sure that the babies measurements and heartbeat is healthy. I know I get to go more often than most but these appointments so often have been able to keep me reassured that everything is going well. Now that the baby is moving around every single day I don’t feel as anxious going into these appointments.

I wasn’t happy with the weight gain this appointment. Although the doctor was more than fine with my 4 pound weight gain I was disappointed. I am really trying to keep my weight on track without dieting or counting calories, just by making better choices. However the trip to Vegas and the trip to Monterey Bay and all that going out to eat derailed the plan. At home it is much easier to not overeat than when I am out all the time. I am hoping the next appointment I will be back on my slow and steady weight gain.

My blood and urine tests have all come back normal. In fact my doctors nurse mentioned that she loves my blood pressure. It is always within perfect range and it makes her happy. We all have things that make us happy lady so whatever floats your boat!

In good news our little baby man is doing fantastically. His weight is on track, his heart rate is healthy and he is moving around constantly like a little jumping bean. In fact he had both my doctor and I giggling when she couldn’t get him to sit still for even a second to grab a screenshot for some measurements. When the measurements came back he is measuring pretty long. My doctor mentioned that it wasn’t a huge concern, that both my husband and I are tallish (me at 5’7” and Mr. Rogue at 6’2”) so it wasn’t a surprise we were growing a tall baby.

In even more good news my results from my Gestational Diabetes glucose test I took two days ago came back. I passed with flying colors. I was super relived to have passed the test.

I left the office glowing with happiness, one hand clutched in Mr. Rogue’s the other holding my little healthy babies ultrasound photos.



Jennifer Arens said...

Great news about no gestational diabetes! Yes you will have a tall baby for sure!

paul peggy zeus said...

Super great news, your brother was a long baby too, even though he only weighed 7 lbs 11 oz. Keep it in the family.

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