Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Brain: Gestational Diabetes Test, YACK

Gestational diabetes is tested in all pregnant woman about this time. I had to go to an office, drink a drink, wait an hour and then get my blood drawn. It sounded pretty easy and today I went to the special clinic to take my test.

I was super nervous about my glucose test. I have known people to have gestational diabetes, the shots, the special diet, the counting calories and sometimes the forced bed rest sounded LESS than fun. I just didn’t want to deal with all that drama. Being overweight I have a higher likelihood of having gestational diabetes. Sure I didn’t have any of the signs but that is what this test is for, because some people don’t have signs of this until its too late.

When I arrived I was handed a huge BOTTLE of sugar drink. I was expecting a tiny child’s cup of sweet liquid not 10 ounces of fluid. I figured ok whatever I can do this. I took my first swig and almost threw up right there. This drink was disgusting!!!!! I am a fan of sweet foods cake, cake and cake comes to mind… yummmm. But I am not a fan of sweet drinks. I don’t even really like juice without watering it down first because I find it too sweet.


I had to finish the drink within five minutes and I just plugged my nose and downed it. Then I sat there, looking pretty green I am sure, trying not to run to the rest room. Apparently if you get sick the test is void and you have to come back and take it over. I kept chanting in my head that if I didn’t make it the hour than I would have to drink ANOTHER 10 ounces in a few days. Mind over matter.

To distract myself I started chatting to the two other women who were in the room. One had tried to take the test four days ago, but she didn’t make it the whole hour without getting sick. She was great and we both ended up laughing over our massive queasiness. P.S. she made it to her blood drawing just find this time. The other woman in the room drank about half her drink before running to the bathroom. She came back and rescheduled her appointment.

I sat there sweating bullets for another half hour and finally made it to my blood drawing time. I think this was the happiest I have ever been getting my blood drawn. I just wanted it over.

I got to my car and drank an entire large bottle of water. The water seemed to dilute the feeling of sickness a little so I stopped at a gas station to get another half-gallon sized bottle more. In the half hour it took me to drive home I downed the new bottle, I took a nap and when I woke up I felt much better. I made it through the test. Now I just have to pray for my results to come out good.


Jennifer Arens said...

Awww, its not THAT bad! Its like drinking jello before it changes states Lol

paul peggy zeus said...

EUWW! Glad I didn't have to endure drinking that.

diabeteshealthcare said...

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