Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Brain: Baby on the Move for the Girls

It was late at night, our last night in Las Vegas and I was feeling the baby flutter around with his little kicks and punches. All of a sudden the baby really started kicking. The biggest kick I have felt to date, I called both Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Sweetie over and they JUMPED to feel the baby move. He gave two more good solid kicks which both girls felt before settling back down.



It was such a special moment, Ms. Sweeties first time feeling a baby move and Mrs. Dancers second time. I was so happy to share the sweet moment with both of them. Mr. Rogue has been trying now for the past two weeks to feel the baby move with no success. Now the baby just has to do it again as soon as I get home so Mr. Rogue finally feel his son move.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I loved that feeling of life within me, it never has faded from my memory.

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