Thursday, January 24, 2013

Babymoon: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Another leisurely morning with the waves lapping right outside our window was fantastic. Having Mr. Rogue all to my little self makes me so happy. We quickly got dressed while I nibbled on some crackers… mama was hungry. We decided to just eat at a diner right around the corner from the aquarium. Just a simple little mom and pop place, the pancakes were heavenly!!!!!


I am such a HUGE HUGE fan of aquariums. Growing up we had one and I really miss relaxing in front of a tank. Mr. Rogue refuses to get one, they really take quite a bit of time and energy to keep up properly and he just isn’t interested in maintaining one. So I just have to make do with visiting all the aquariums I can, over and over again!


This was my first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, touted as one of the best in the United States, and its been on my list to visit forever. I was so excited to finally be here and even more excited that we brought the right camera for the aquarium to take photos; unlike my trip to the aquarium a last week in Las Vegas.



We have the Canon Mark III a camera that does amazing well with low light conditions. Not only is it perfect for owling and dark interiors when shooting photos indoors it is also does amazing with the low light and fast moving fish of aquariums.



One of the first major tanks we visited and probably my favorite was a two story gigantic monstrosity that held a ton of huge fish. The lower floor had bubbles running in front of the gigantic pane of glass which was pretty cool for ascetics. I couldn’t get over how many different sharks, tuna and other large fish this tank held. We actually ended up sitting in front of the glass on both the first and second floor for a good hour. AHHHH if only I could have this in my home!!!!!!




My second favorite part of this aquarium was that they had not only one but TWO incredibly large exhibits of jellyfish. They are so beautiful and elegant, not to mention slower moving which makes them easier to get a clear photo. Mr. Rogue spent the majority of the five hours at the aquarium with the jellies. I can’t get over how awesome our planet really is!






There were also quite a bit of kids features in this aquarium scattered throughout which was awesome to file away for later. Maybe we will come back with our little tot. Of course the kids exhibits aren’t just for kids… they can also be for the kid in you. I especially loved the camera kaleidoscope. AWWW YEA BABY pregnant woman in multiples!


Of course there are always surprises at the aquarium and beautiful things to just sit and enjoy. It’s like a great National Geographic program. Can I also say that I love that my man and I have so much in common. We like a ton of the same things and I really enjoy sharing photography with him. We have long talks about settings and a bunch of geeky camera stuff that make me so happy. Truly I am blessed with such a wonderful man.









The last section we wandered through were some random bird exhibits. Apparently the aquarium gets requests to house injured birds that cannot be released back into the wild. They keep these animals as ambassadors to teach people about the importance of ecological stability and how everything is tied together with the ocean and the land and the air. I was pretty geeked to see the winter plumage of the Red Phalarope and the Red Necked Phalarope side by side. YUP it makes it so much easier when I can compare markings and size when they are together than seeing them months or years apart from each other. Nerdy birdy alert!




We ended up staying until closing time. Even though we went slowly and rested pretty often I was still tired and more than happy to head back to the hotel for a nap before our dinner reservations. Mr. Rogue was content to lay beside me and play on the internet with the iPad.

I was excited for dinner. Mr. Rogue found and made reservations at a French Bistro that he said got some rave reviews. I fell in love as soon as we entered. It was fancy without being ostentatious and it was homey. The place was packed when we got there so I was pretty happy we had reservations. One of the meals that was HIGHLY recommended was what people claimed is the world’s best gnocchi. Apparently they were described as pillowy melt in your mouth deliciousness. Being a gnocchi lover I simply had to try it. Other than the fact that it came in a searing hot metal pan, which I burned my arm on OUCH, I have to say that yes in fact it is the world’s best gnocchi ever. In fact I am salivating over the photo right now. Wish this place was closer because it was awesome and I would totally be eating there once a week.



Jennifer Arens said...

What a great post! You just blew j mind with the jellyfish pics. "We should go there!"

paul peggy zeus said...

Love aquariums. That gnocchi looks very different from I had with a tomato based sauce. MMM good!

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