Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Joke that is LALA Land Local News

Growing up in Michigan the news was on all the time. Weather in Michigan was tricky, rain one minute, beautiful sunshine the next and freak hail or snow storms thrown in randomly. The weather men were our somewhat trusted friends, sure they were wrong sometimes but at least we could figure out roughly how many layers we needed before leaving the house.

Since moving to LALA land it only took me a few days to figure out that the weather station was practically irrelevant. Sunshine and beautiful with a general range of 75 degrees was their constant daily prediction. With the weather often being so mild I still find it funny when Californians freak out when we actually get ‘weather’ here. I.E. anything that isn’t perfect and sunny is simply confusing. Really Californians have no idea how silly we look when people from Michigan hear the news crews talk about weather in California under 55 degrees.


Some of my favorite quotes from weathermen this week.

“Are you ready for two of the coldest nights you have ever experienced in Southern California”

“Cold, Cold, freezing cold coming our way.”

“We have round the clock coverage on this freezing cold weather.”

“It was so cold this morning I had to wear two tank tops to work this morning.”

“Use an extra blanket, go buy a heater, get the dog to lay next to you, do whatever you have to do even snuggle!”

“How long will this arctic blast last?”

“So please just say a little prayer for us… we are suffering here.”

And yes I have to say that I now fall sometimes into the crazy unable to resist California cold mindset. My sister in law who lives in Louisville just texted me the other day. And yes I was serious when I called 50 degree weather freezing!



Jess said...

So true, So true. Although I have to say it was 59 degrees last night but the wind made it feel more like 40. I was exceptionally happy to have my winter coat with me.

Jennifer Arens said...

Hahahaha I feel famous!

paul peggy zeus said...

Baby, it's cold outside!! Weird weather patterns across the US this year already.

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