Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Problematic Grey’s

I am loving what pregnancy and my prenatal vitamins are doing to my hair. L – O – V – I – N – G IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never has my hair been so long, so thick, so strong and beautiful than it is right now. My eyebrows however could seriously take a few months’ vacation but I do love the improved mane. That is I am loving it except for a small minor problem. My OBGYN has been super restrictive on everything from traveling, to exercise to when I can dye my hair. Sadly I haven’t gotten my hair dyed or cut for that matter (since she also wanted me to not expose myself to fumes in the salon even for a cut) for seven months; seven very long, very un-dyed months, very annoying months.

However even in my un-dyed misery there is still an upside. I thank goodness every single day that I got my dad’s side of the family hair. My mother’s side likes to start going grey sometime around the age of 20 and in some cases much earlier. Two years ago I started seeing my first grey strands and now that I am 34 I am seeing more and more. Really in the grand scheme of things my greys are no big deal. Just a few wisps of silver strands that up until today were driving me more than a little nuts.

Technically I don’t actually dye my hair; I tint it with a semi-permanent dye close to the exact color of my hair that slowly and eventually washes out. I found that the semi dye it is less damaging, makes it shinier and all around is better for me right now. I also know that eventually I have to make the decision to start using permanent dye or to let myself actually age the way my body intended. With all the dye’s and lipo and face lifts and Botox, especially in LALA land, you can fight city hall and the aging process with all modern marvels has to offer you. For me the new little lines I see on my face, the few grey hairs I have on my head show the passage of time, and they show me… older, wiser and the true me.

For now I am embracing the dye and I cannot help but loving the feel of my hair as I walked out of the salon all professionally blow dried, split ends gone and back to my color. There is nothing like a good haircut to put a huge smile on my face.


Jennifer Arens said...

It has been 6 months since my last cut. I believe I am ready :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

How bout the nails, pregnancy should make them stronger, and longer too.

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