Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remember 2012 in Words and Photos

January first for me is always a time to reflect on the past year and create new hopes and resolutions for the new year.

This time of year last year I was depressed. I had just suffered another miscarriage and I still wasn’t pregnant again. The emotional change from then to now, five months pregnant and everything looking really well, is such a massive change. I am so HAPPY!

2012 was a hard year, struggling with Mr. Rogue working so much, struggling with my weight, struggling trying to get pregnant and struggling in therapy to not struggle so much. Now it seems like none of that matters. Mr. Rogue is home now his project complete, I am gaining weight and am HAPPY about it because we have a baby boy due the middle of May. I am thankful for so much right now including the fact that the Mayans were wrong!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the year and also my little year in photos video. Happy New Year Everyone!

Babysitting Lesson #246
“Ummm is Ms. Bambi supposed to be using the markers on her face...”

Shopping Partners
”…so agreeable to all the choices I was making that the little devil in me couldn’t resist seeing…”

Theres a Blueberry in my Armpit
” Google can be a very scary place for those of us that find a mass.”

Baby Brain: Somehow… Someway… Someday
” We make plans, plans get messed up and all that messed up stuff, the stuff that just happens, that is what life is all about.”

The Age of the Heart
“…we were inseparable and there are moments when I ache to hear her voice”

BBBS 53: The Frozen Stairmaster
” real work is picking yourself off the icy ground, and girding your loins to carrying your tube back up the hill”

Chicago: Aquarium in the Windy City
”since we were so disappointed with the pier fiasco we decided that we couldn’t end the night on such a sour note. Not us! Not in Chicago!”

She Done Broke Her Back
”gives me evil death stare “The doctor is in with her now, once he is finished you can go in.”

Rogue Life List: See an Eclipse
”That the next solar eclipse would not happen for sixty years. That this would be a fun nerdy experience that I couldn’t miss.”

Charlotte: Dinner and Sex Toys
”then the next minute we were arm wrestling. So this part isn’t exactly reminiscent of my girlhood slumber parties but neither was the alcohol.”

Nerdy Birdy: The Best Kind of Wake-up Call
”I was randomly sick at the WORST MOMENT. There, not more than twenty feet from me, was a lifer owl that I have never photographed before and I was incapacitated. “

Baby Brain: Third Times a Charm
”I am over the MOON with joy. I found out that I am again pregnant. Gloriously Fabulously Magnificently pregnant and I just cannot contain my smile. “




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