Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Brain: Torrance Memorial Maternity Hospital Tour

My doctor at my every three weeks appointment gives me a new list of things to complete. Last appointment she strongly suggested taking the Maternity Tour at the hospital I am giving birth at. Not only is it a rite of passage she said but it is also a great way to acquaint yourself with the hospital, how it works and to fill out a ton of paperwork to help lessen anxiety on the day of.

I have read and heard over and over again that although your OB is important for the actual delivery of the baby the nurses are the people who will see you through thick and thin. The maternity tour is a great way to at least meet the head of the nursing departments.

Mr. Rogue and I went this afternoon along with 9 other couples all due within the next few months. It was only about an hour but I found it to be super informative and the nurses giving the tour were so much fun. And in between facts and suggestions we joked and laughed through a good portion of the tour. I feel super comfortable with my decision to have our baby at Torrance Memorial.

A few questions that I asked that went part of the information given.

1. What is the average time of getting an epidural?
Make sure to ask as soon as you want it. Sometimes there is a scheduled Caesarian and the anestisiologist in the maternity ward will be unavailable while in that surgery. My take is the sooner the better.

2. What are the Nurse Shifts?
Nurses are on for 12 hour shifts which I am super happy about, once you bond with a nurse I would like a greater chance of that nurse staying with me through delivery.

3. Policy on breastfeeding, keeping the baby in the room?
Now a days hospitals are all over the breast feeding band wagon. When I was born my mother didn’t get a chance to breastfeed me often enough because the nurses kept bottle feeding me to the point that she lost her milk. Thankfully this hospital lets the baby stay with you practically the whole time, other than a quick doctors checkup or two in the nursery.

4. I hate hospitals so I made sure to ask if we could request an early release if we wanted?
As long as all is well you can get out of the hospital within 30 hours of delivery. Of course that is best case scenario and the typical stay is more like 48 hours. Here is crossing my fingers!

5. Visiting hours and visitors?
I am not a big fan of being sick, I get moody, I get crabby and I get downright bitchy. Add in no sleep and me hating hospitals so much and I am not looking forward to the delivery. Even more so I don’t think I want to have visitors at the hospital. I would rather everyone come when I am a little comfier in my own home. With that being said I still asked what the visiting hours are, after all I can and might change my mind.

The hospital visit was just what I expected, not too long to bore Mr. Rogue to tears but informative enough so we both know a little more what is going to go down on the big D-day!


Jennifer Arens said...

Awww I remember doing that :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

It's WAY better now that they don't keep you for very long anymore.

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