Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Brain: OBGYN Checkup

I have been seeing my OBGYN every three weeks or so since I got to the twelve week marker. Although I get to have way more ultrasounds than most normal pregnancies I now don’t get one every single time I go in. Mostly I go to get my blood work done, to check the heartbeat, get weighed and my blood pressure checked. Today, since we didn’t get one last check-up, I was really hoping for an ultrasound but no go this time either. I will just have to wait three weeks until my next appointment to see my little man.

But in that disappointment of not seeing the baby I am happy to say that everything else was good. My weight has been really great, 22 weeks and only up 11 pounds which I am super proud of especially since I haven’t been cleared for exercise. I am just trying to eat right, with a few mouthfuls of a craving instead of the giant portion my body wants. I am also happy to say that since I have been pregnant I haven’t had a single binge eating session. I want to make sure I eat right for me and the baby so we are both healthy. It has been hard some days but all in all I am super happy!

Thankfully today since everything has been going so well I have been cleared for some moderate exercise. I can use my elliptical now if I start slow, don’t go more than a half hour and keep my heart rate 140 or under. Sure it is pretty limiting but I am really happy to at least have something to help keep me in better shape. After 22 weeks of no exercise at all my body is craving some activity!

My doctor usually gives me a list of things to get done before my next appointment. There is so much to do before a baby arrives and it helps to break it up. This session I was told to go get my flu shot. There is a large flu epidemic sweeping the US right now and since my immune system is compromised a flu shot is good for me. Plus it is also a great way for the baby to get antibodies. My body will give the baby immunity just by me getting the shot so when the baby is born in May he will be protected.

Thankfully there was a clinic that gave non-Mercury shots right next door to my doctor’s office so we scooted over there right after my appointment. I hate shots and just wanted to get it over with. And with one little prick of the needle we both have a better chance of not getting this nasty flu, modern medicine is awesome!


Jennifer Arens said...

I remember being so hungry one day at work I ate 2 7 oz filets and was still hungry Lol I hear ya about wanting activity! I'm so excited!

paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, but she's right, even though you didn't get to see the baby this time, you don't want to overdue it on the ultra sounds either.

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