Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Brain: Maternity Photoshoot 21 Weeks

The baby bump is getting bigger and I am feeling better and better, this week the highlight was feeling the baby move. As in I thought there might have potentially been flutters before but this was definite baby movement. I was lying in bed after coming home from the Dancer’s New Year’s Eve party, it was about 2 in the morning and I was just lying there trying to relax and sleep. The fluttering started and it was amazing. The most surreal connected moment I have felt while pregnant.

New Year’s gives me so much time to reflect on the past year and think about the future. I am super excited to become a mommy this year. Only about 19 weeks or so to go!!!




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paul peggy zeus said...

I was so happy to hear when you felt your first "kick". It is an amazing feeling and will stay with you for the rest of your life. This is the time pregnancy becomes REAL and the love that you feel towards your unborn child is enhanced beyond words. I'm so very happy that everything is working out for you this time, and can't wait to see our little guy!

Jennifer Arens said...

It really is a crazy feeling and sight when you see a foot or elbow stick out and you do the mama mambo Lol

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