Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Brain: The Belly is Getting Bigger

So I am feeling my limited wardrobe more and more. I am sick of wearing the same things and I am yearning to wear some of my old favorites that I no longer fit into. When yesterday I had a 20 minute frustrated crying session over my lack of clothes I decided today to venture out to the mall for a little shopping. After all I was going out of town on two little mini trips in the next few weeks.

First stop was Target, my go to place for decent inexpensive maternity clothing. Although their selection is small I was able to find a few things I liked, however I would like to gripe that EVERYTHING is stripes right now. I do like stripes I just don’t know if I want everything in my limited maternity wardrobe in stripes.

I also swung by the undergarment department because yes it was time for another bigger bra. I still have a little over three months to go… these girls better slow down their growth spurt!

While I was there I resigned myself to the granny panties. Yup I am to the point that I need maternity underwear that can go over the belly not slipping and sliding under it. My nose crinkled in distaste I grabbed two different brands in my size and scooted over to the register.

I then ventured to the mall where I spent a good bit of time in Macy’s. Ahhh there are so many adorable clothes out there in the regular section that I was yearning to try on. I made my way to the much smaller maternity section and found a few things I liked. Mostly tops but one dress too.

I got home and tried all the stuff on, most of it I loved and was happy to add to the wardrobe, there were a few things I am taking back but all in all I was happy with my little shopping spree.

Best of all those underwear that I crinkled my nose at in distaste are the best most comfortable I have EVER WORN. Maternity clothing is seriously the best!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Isn't the belly bulge thing fun?

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