Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Brain: Baby Rogue’s Nursery Mood Board

The nursery has been an ongoing design board for the past month since we found out we were having a little boy. For a girl I knew exactly what I wanted but for a boy I was still a little lost on the inspiration. The room we are cleaning out for the nursery has khaki green walls and Mr. Rogue wanted to leave them that color, and since we plan on having more children I thought to just keep the main furniture white that could work for both genders easily. Mr. Rogue and I also talked about doing a mural on one of the walls but in the end we decided not to. With these restrictions I started digging around for inspiration.

At first I was all over the map, and for this room I wanted to keep things simpler. The baby really isn’t going to care what the room looks like, sure I wanted some pops of color but I didn’t want to jump right into monster trucks and super heroes. I will be spending a ton of time in this room so I tried to make a space that would work for me, be a little fun, and comfy.

After mucking around for weeks I finally centered a mood board idea around nature. Using birch tree wall stickers on one wall and then bringing in some fun little woodsy pieces. Of course I adore birds so there are a few of those scattered around. Oranges kept creeping up in my initial mood board studies but orange can be super powerful. I knew I didn’t want a whole room of orange and in the end I settled for a few pops of orange color.

I have heard and read from multiple women to get a good rocking chair that you love. Since I plan on breastfeeding I will be spending quite a bit of time with my butt in that rocker. I simply fell head over heels in love with the Nurseryworks Empire Rocker, a chair that was raved about for how comfortable it is, but also in a design I adore. I can totally picture this chair making its way into MY room when I am done having children.

The only major hurdle I was picking the crib. Wood vs. Iron was my constant research point. I fell in love with the Millbrook Iron Crib from Restoration Hardware baby. There are so many opinions all over online and that I vetted from friends. In the end I talked to my pediatrician about the pros and cons of both and then decided to go with the iron crib. Her advice was that they both have good things and bad things about them and really at the end of the day it is a personal decision. Both are good, both are safe or they wouldn’t be on the market and approved by safety officials.

All in all I am really liking how all the colors and tones are working, but it is always interesting to see everything come together in the actual room.


1. Woods Vinal Wall Sticker

2. Vintage Wood Carousel Horse

3. Some of the artwork for the room:
Move Mountains by MiraDoson
Vintage Alphabet Poster by ChildrenInspire
Owl Watercolor Art by AmberAlexander

4. Bird Felt Mobile

5. Orange Changing Pad Cover

6. Woodlands Table Lamp

7. Owls in Plush by ModCloth

8. Celtic Orange Pillow

9. Some kind of white curtain material with maybe a subtle pattern

10. Marlow Wide Dresser

11. Millbrook Iron Crib

12. Papier Mache Stag Head

13. Fallon Zig Zag Federal Blue Rug

14. Nurseryworks Empire Rocker

15. Carved Wood Side Table

16. Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase

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LOVE the owls, of course, and that tree would be perfect for all his little hats.

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