Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Brain: Baby Names – GO!!

Ever since we found out we were pregnant I have been twirling around names in my head, writing them down on sticky notes, crossing them off, adding more, asking opinions and in general making myself crazy. My girl names list was pretty rock solid, Mr. Rogue and I even had a favorite selected that we both adored, the boys list however was a constantly revolving mess of names. I was so sure I was pregnant with a girl that I was a little shocked when we found out the sex of the baby. A boy, really?

So I put the girls list to the side and have been focusing on the boys names and boy oh boy has it been hard. Mostly I have been finding names, or friends have been suggesting names to add and Mr. Rogue has been vetoing or passing them. We started with seven potentials.

1. Cameron
2. Beckham
3. Pierce
4. Liam
5. Escher
6. Jude
7. Ashton

With that list Mr. Rogue then went on some baby name websites and proceeded to come up with a few additional names. He found 5 million that he didn’t like and only one that he actually liked, one that was already on our list, and he decided that the rest didn’t work for him.

Then because he is really just a boy at heart he started coming up with all these crazy names. He loves the idea of calling our little boy ‘Governor’ so that teachers have to call a six year old little boy something so amazing. And then he just got weirder from there. He wanted to add:

1. Criminal
2. Optimums Prime
3. Gandalf

And then he started rolling in laughter because he started looking up these names and yes, they are on a baby name website, the worst baby names ever site.

For now we have one name that we both love and one name that I adore but for Mr. Rogue is just a maybe. I would like to go into the delivery room with a couple names, just in case the baby looks like one or another when we meet him.

Ahhh cannot wait to hold my little angel in my arms!


Anonymous said...

Love all those names! You know which one is my favorite though! I vote Jude! OR maybe Cameron Jude? Or Jude Cameron? We went with Jude Blake and we LOVE his name. I think whichever name you choose it absolutely has to be your favorite. We didn't select a name until 2 weeks before he was born, and it was so hard to keep it a secret, but in the end It just has to be something that you love to say and hear all the time! Plus we looked at the meanings of the names and Jude = Praise. After 5 years of trying, we were so thankful for him that it just made perfect sense. I can't wait to hear what you choose eventually. So happy to follow along this journey with you!

Jennifer Arens said...

One think to consider is how easy it will be for him to communicate hi us name to others. J can't say his 'L's' yet so liam would be weeam. Cute but it can be frustrating too :-) I really like Jude! But then again, I'm privy to J names :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

haha! Calling the little one "governor" will totally fit in with dad's family. . . named after the little ones great grandfather. lol. Whatever you name him, it will be a perfect fit.

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