Monday, January 7, 2013

A Cop, a Ticket & Some Budget Cuts

Three months ago I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. He walked up and went on and on about not driving while texting. I wasn’t texting he just caught me hanging up the phone with my mother, I was talking to her through my Bluetooth in my phone. So I explained and showed him my text logs. Problem solved… or so I thought. Nope seems like my insurance was three days expired. THREE FRIGGIN DAYS and since he couldn’t very obviously give me a ticket for the texting I hadn’t been doing he gave me a ticket for my lack of proof of insurance. The only consolation was that it is a fixable ticket, I just had to bring my new card down to the court house and pay a 25 dollar processing fee.

So three weeks later I take my ticket down, along with my insurance card I had State Farm email me to the court house. I waited an hour in line only to be told that I needed to have an official card, not a printed copy. The woman gave me an extension of time but now I had to go AGAIN and I just wasn’t happy.

Along comes my extended deadline, a few days after Christmas and I was just having the most terrible nausea. I know I shouldn’t have left it to last minute but that is what this pregnancy is turning me into, a procrastinator.

On my final day I called thinking to just get a few day extension but there have been some budget cuts and well no one answers the phones anymore. There is an automated system but none of the prompts were for extensions and none of the prompts led to an actual person. Two days later I was feeling better so Mr. Rogue and I drove over to the court house. After another hour in line praying that I would end up with a nice teller who would overlook my lateness I got called up. She immediately noticed that I was pregnant, and you know her daughter is pregnant too and yup she is having a boy as well and it was all rainbows and moonbeams flying around that room.

Not only did she handle my ticket quickly she also reset the date so my ticket wasn’t late totally patting my hand and saying poor dear as I explained the nausea.

Pregnancy rules!

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paul peggy zeus said...

hmm, Sounds like a hassle. Ever consider setting up on line bill pay. We do, problem solved.

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