Sunday, December 2, 2012

We are Christmas Card People

I love getting and sending cards and I have for a long time sent out Christmas Cards every year to my loved ones. There is something about the snail mail process that is lost through all our ways of digitally connecting. The joy of opening your mailbox and finding something from someone you love with words on paper and a card. I love that we put them on our entrance table so every time I come or go at home I remember all those we love.


With our Christmas Card I have started in recent years sending a Christmas letter as well; just a quick glimpse at where we are and how we are doing. It is hard to strike the right kind of balance between being uplifting, not bragging and not putting more than a few photos and a few points of interest. I write a blog… believe me it is hard to edit it all down to one page. I love the tradition of writing out the cards for all my loved ones at the beginning of December. I feel like it puts me in the right frame of mind, of appreciating what I have and sinking into well-wishing those that I love.

Merry Christmas everyone! Let the holidays begin.


Jess said...

Looking forward to mine coming in the mail! I love getting cards too!

paul peggy zeus said...

It is a nice jester which I too enjoyed doing in my younger years.

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