Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Album or Not to Album

Five days ago Mrs. Dancer gave me photos and I have taken to organizing and editing to a whole new level. I have been obsessed in a way that I used to get before I was pregnant. Since pregnancy the most I could muscle energy for was an occasional dinner or some light cleaning, maybe an outing if I was lucky only to collapse in exhaustion a few hours later.

Now when I get obsessed about something I mean I am OBSESSED. Morning noon and night, I wake up to get directly on my computer, I eat at my desk, I stay there morning noon and night, and I exclude everything else. My desk is a MESS!


So over the past few days I have gone through all my memory bins and my two photo albums and made sure everything was scanned. This has included hundreds and hundreds of photos all which can only be scanned by hand. It’s been a virtual ground hogs day of circling to the scanner and then back to my desk and then back to the scanner. At least I got quite a bit of exercise.

I have also made the hard decision that I want family photo albums. Digital photos are great, they are easy to store and take up much less space than photo albums. But I guess I am still old school I still prefer a book to reading on an electronic instrument and if I am really honest with myself I want albums of photos. Books of pictures that bring back memories, books that I can hold in my hands, books that Mr. Rogue grumbles will take up space.


So with the purpose of getting some family albums together I have started folders of photos on my desktop to send to the printer. Unfortunately all my photos are different sizes and I have had to go crazy with editing and cropping. My newer photos I am sending to Shutterfly to get printed in the standard 4x6 size however the older photos from when my parents were young need to be printed in a smaller size. There are not many vendors that print in the 3x5 department but I finally found Ritzpix that will do it.

After I am done with all my photos I need to hit up Mr. Rogue’s family for his family photos since he has NONE.

Needless to say it’s a bit chaotic over here but it’s slowly getting done! And then I will have albums to sit down and go through with my kids like I did with my parents when I was a kid.


paul peggy zeus said...

There is that nostalgic quality of sitting down with a good photo album that computers just can't mimic.

Jennifer Arens said...

I agree with your mom

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