Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rogue Life List: Write a Blog Post for Every Single Day for Five Years

It is officially the blogs five year anniversary. Five years ago today I was inspired to start this little space. And now five years later I have reached my goal to write a blog post for every single day. I get to cross it off my Rogue Life List and pat myself on the back. In the five years I have posted 2196!

When I set out to start this challenge blogging was still hard for me. I was worried what people would think, I was worried what to say, I was worried because I am not a writer, that my grammar is terrible at times and that I just didn’t have enough to say to fill a journal for five years.

What I learned is that we can all have hidden gems inside us and what started out as a struggle has now become one of my favorite joys. Sure I got behind, especially when I traveled, but I would always catch back up making sure to keep notes.

I knew five years would be a hard goal to reach but by forcing myself to blog every day for so long I have created a habit. I actually feel bad if I miss a day. This has become so much more than a daily struggle.

I love that this has become a place for me to be me, a place where I can let out the good, the bad, the ugly and the oh so beautiful I love that I connect with my out of town friends and family in a more real way. I love that I can go back and relive memories much more vividly than ever before. I love that I can maybe make a book of this in the future to give to my great great grandkids.

But most of all I love how so many parts of me are made better, more clear, more focused by the work and effort it takes to maintain this space. This blog, it stretches my creativity, it makes me a better photographer, a better writer, and a better me.

Whether you are new to the site or a long time reader thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you will continue with me as I document the rest of this crazy thing we call life!


paul peggy zeus said...

You are a gem that has been so polished it outshines all others. I love you!

Jennifer Arens said...

Quite the 5 years you've had!

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