Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Wonderful Christmas Wish

Christmas morning we managed to roll out of bed about 11. There were no plans until later tonight, no family to get up early for, just Mr. Rogue and I so we could please ourselves. After getting up, making some tea, having the traditional slice of Grandma’s famous Raisin Bread we finally snuggled into our family room to open gifts.


Our family was so thoughtful to send gifts ahead of time. It was so nice to open things from family even though they were so far away. I was going to attempt to Skype my mother so the whole family could watch us open each other’s gifts we sent but I knew with a little boy in the house and the three hour time difference they were way ahead of us.


I couldn’t forget my two faithful, sometimes frustration, oh so loveable furry friends. Seurat was a jerk and although he loved his catnip toy he wouldn’t let me get a good photo of him. Something about the flashing lights really catches his attention. Rogue however is always up for a photo op. He loved his toy SO MUCH. I got him a squeaky ball because he loves all things that make annoyingly loud noises. However after an hour of squeaking I have to be honest I distracted him with some yummy peanut butter covered biscuits, which are his favorite, and hid the ball for a while. I needed a little quiet.



Mr. Rogue and I exchanged gifts, which were mainly things that we needed. The best thing about THIS Christmas though is that I got my Christmas wish. I am pregnant. Although its sad that the pregnancy prevented me from flying and being with family this year for the holidays I know there will be plenty to celebrate next year. I am just loving that all my dreams are finally coming true!


Later that night my cousin Ms. Sweetie, her boyfriend and Mr. & Mrs. Dancer came over to have Christmas dinner. We made our super yummy Orange Ham recipe which I will just had to post for you, it’s so divine and easy. Everyone had a drink to raise in a toast… I had water. If I can’t be with my immediate family I made do with some of my favorite people in the world.


Mrs. Dancer is a Christmas birthday girl. It is hard to remember that this is her BIRTHDAY as well as Christmas day. She wanted me to bake my Lemon Meringue pie and we sang while she made her Birthday wish.


After dinner and pie we vegged out so a wonderful Christmas movie. Arthur Christmas, which I had never seen before is adorable! Seriously moms it’s a cartoon and a must have for next Christmas.


paul peggy zeus said...

Great pictures. I think the gift of life is the best gift of all!

Jess said...

Yay for family Christmas! Love you my sister from another mother! I think that Mr Dancer and I were still full the next day! xo

Jennifer Arens said...

Home is where your husband is. And Arthur (the aardvark), is outlawed per lilman! Praise the lord.

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