Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lost Photos

I didn’t have parents who put a camera in my face all the time. Sure we have photos, some photos, but compared to the photo documentation mania going on today there are just never enough. Of course my teenage and college years are much less documented than the photos of me as a little girl. So when Mrs. Dancer showed up today with 10 photos of us in high school and early college I just about jumped up in glee.

Photos of us at prom! Ahhh the days when I was a size looks fabulous in anything! I would also like to point out that the boa's are not mine... I am just surrounded by boa loving friends.


Photos reminding me of my date, who I found out ended up lying about his age.


Or pictures from my high school graduation. A photos of me looking happy with my beloved grandmother in the background.


And finally some pictures when she first moved to Pittsburgh where I was currently living to go to the Art Institute. Boxes strewn around us and we are just the happiest girls in the world to be together again after over a year apart!


So I scanned all these photos in, and then I fell into a black hole. You see any photos before 2004 are a complete mess. I have scanned pages from my parents photo albums, I have photos from relatives that I have been given or collected and then there are the photos from friends. Over the years duplicates have abounded, photos are not cropped, they are not organized… they are just EVERYWHERE.

So when I oh so lovingly scanned the photos Mrs. Dancer let me borrow and tried to put them in a quazi proper place I got lost just trying to find my way through the maze of files. Frustrated I decided to just do a little organizing. Five and a half hours later I woke from the daze astounded that so much time had gone by. I stopped to make some dinner only to eat at my desk. It took three days and I am still not totally finished editing and retouching all the pictures. On the up side at least I got a file structure and everything in its proper folder for the most part. Of course editing and cropping is going to take quite some time but at least I put a big dent in the work that needed to be done.

Next project I need to dig through my memory bins and photo albums and make sure I have scanned all my pictures… then if I have energy maybe printing a ton of them and filling photo albums. I like the feel of books and real photos. Having them digitally is convenient but I miss albums.


Jess said...

Ahhh the memories...

paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, we lived in a day when you had to buy film then pay again to have it developed too. Digital photography rocks!

Jennifer Arens said...

It is such a chore to find pictures!

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