Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KTG 4: Cookie Exchange

I had the girls over for a little Christmas present fun and a cookie exchange. We usually get together for potluck style dinner after work on Tuesdays. This spread not only included our normal dinner items but also tons and tons of sugar!


Some of us girls can really bake and we had quite a few fantastically fun holiday cookies in the spread.


After eating and catching up the Christmas present, opening and stealing began. Each girl brought a gift around $15 dollars and when it was your turn you could either open a new gift or steal someone else’s. I have been to some pretty serious stealing gift showdowns but we in comparison were pretty tame. I always like to steal, better the gift you can see that you will like than the gift you cant see that you might not is what I say.


Even Seurat joined in on the fun, he likes to sit in the boxes and he likes to gnaw on all the tape. It still shocks me sometimes when he comes out and there is a large group of people. From the terrified rescue cat I got 10 years ago to now this cat is like night and day. Just goes to show you a little love and compassion is all that is needed sometimes. I love this little guy!



paul peggy zeus said...

oh my, all those cookies. Love those green eyes!

Jennifer Arens said...

My cat looooves tape. Why oh why?

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