Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a Little Frosting

So a few days ago we went to the tree lot and got two Christmas trees. Last year was the first time we had two and I got really excited to go out and get a whole trees decorations. This year the living room tree (the one with the new decorations) looked fantastic, the one in the family room however looked like it could use a little help. You see this house has super high ceilings, so instead of getting a six foot tree we are getting nine foot trees. Three feet makes a big difference and the decorations got a little too spread out. I just wanted to add a little bit so it looked more full.


I ventured to my favorite Christmas store in LALA land, Stats is a dedicated warehouse to all things amazing. I walked in and then lost my mind. I love love love this store so much!

Our tree is mostly jewel tones and I needed to find something that would work in that color scheme. After circling the store about 10 times I still hadn’t landed on my inspiration. Frustrated I circled again, making sure to concentrate on the things that I may have missed the first 10 times around… and then that is when I saw it, a horribly ostentatious tree covered in life sized peacocks, draping gold sparklingness and jewel tone bulbs.


I very obviously wouldn’t do something so crazily over the top at my house but it got me thinking about maybe finding ‘little’ miniature peacocks and maybe some gold accents. Feeling better with a quazi plan I started to search and found so much that I loved! In the end I narrowed it down to six miniature bedazzled peacocks, gold ferns that reminded me of feathers, some gold ornaments that again looked like feathers and then two sets of ornaments in multiple jewel tones that also sported silver and gold.


I was a little worried about Mr. Rogue, peacocks just might not be his thing, and Mr. Rogue just adores his Christmas tree. Not wanting to rain on his parade I sent him a quick text, just to be nice, and just to make sure he wouldn’t make me turn around and bring them back tomorrow.


Apparently he thinks that I am insane but he agreed. P.S. he loved it once it was all on the tree and called me a genius. I win! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE There are peacocks and gold sparklies and new ornaments in my tree… I think I am in love!




And now our after tree is so much happier and full. Maybe next year I will add a few more things but for right now I am super happy with how it turned out. The bottom half seems a little bare but that is because we have people over with little curious hands, my dog has a long waggy tail and of course my cat has a vendetta against all ornaments that are breakable. SIGH. Maybe I should get the tree a pedestal next year.



paul peggy zeus said...

Woah at first I thought that first overly decorated, gaudy tree stood in your home. You can't even see the tree!! Whew! I like yours much, much better. Thank you very much!

Jennifer Arens said...

Oh my god Mr rogue is hilarious! Bahaha

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