Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monitor/Window Shopping

I guess its not necessarily window shopping since I am doing it from the comfort of my home online with the laptop. I wont find out the sex of our baby until the end of the month and I have committed myself to not purchasing anything until after that ultrasound. I didn’t do this because I am going to buy all girl stuff or all boy stuff, most of the things we get (other than the clothes) will be to use for both a boy or a girl since we plan on hopefully having more children. Instead I have kept this deadline to try and stifle the deluge of craziness that is going to be how I shop for this child.

I have been wanting a baby for so long, yearning for a child of my own and I just feel an undeniable urge to start getting things ready. The other reason to wait is because Mr. Rogue is off for 7 weeks starting Friday and he wants to help put the nursery together. Which will be super duper fun.

In the mean time I am looking online, making lists and falling in love with the most adorable things. Baby toys, clothes, nursery decorations and even random things for older children. Anyways I wanted to share some of my favorites. Because this is all I can think about right now and some of these things are just incredible.

Even though this concept is for a dining room I can see it working so well in a little girls room. It looks so real and detailed, just like wallpaper. Pink or purple walls with fanciful pictures painted of unicorns and castles and princesses. Or even a little boys room done in the woodland theme like this. Sure it would take forever but it is OH SO BEAUTIFUL!


And then I was looking for tutu’s so I can do photo shoots with my little girl and I found the Couture Ballerina Fairy. I swooned at my desk and knocked myself out. This isn’t a dress, it is a wonderful work of art that you can wear. This woman is a genius!


I am just gushing over Ruffle Butt Bloomers.


And then if the baby is a boy I will be buying lots and lots of hats. Hopefully my little boy will be a hat loving little boy because his mama will be a hat dressing kinda mama. Just love the little knit newsboy hats!



paul peggy zeus said...

Oh my the things you can buy.

Jess said...

I feel like it's going to be the amazing race...ready....set.....SHOP!!! And zooming around the world online you will go until you have the perfect nursery and an entire wardrobe ready for Baby Rogue :)

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