Monday, December 10, 2012

Family is Family

I was thrilled when I got the call a few months ago that some family will be coming into town for an early Christmas celebration. Technically this is my cousin once removed, my mom’s cousin, however as kids we all hung out often and I have just taken to calling them aunt and uncle. And really who cares about the whole how many times removed crap. Family is family and I was excited that they carved out a day to spend with me even though they are only in town for a week.

We hung out at the house for a while and then I took them down to Santa Monica for a little sightseeing. The sun was setting and the pier is a fun cool place to come. We just walked and talked reminiscing about the good ole days camping. They have three girls and a boy who were similar ages to me and my brothers so we always had a riot together. I am super excited that one of their daughters is coming with her husband and little girl that I will get to see later this week. And yes I call the girls cousins… who really knows what they are officially.


After walking around Santa Monica it was time for dinner. They wanted a fun authentic place to eat dinner, I suggested Don Antonio’s. It is seriously the best authentic Mexican food I have ever had outside of my visit to Mexico and they loved it. The food is awesome, of course I got my usual Asada Chimichanga and we even spent some time in front of their seriously massive salt water tank. Too bad we went so early, I got a text from a friend who was there later than night saying that Jamie Foxx was there. We missed their celebrity sighting by an hour and a half. DANG.


It was sad to see them go, I don’t have much family here, but there is a big Christmas party this Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing and spending time with more extended family. Hurrah for the holidays.


Jennifer Arens said...

Love alllll the cousins!

paul peggy zeus said...

So good of them to come over and spend time with you! Ditto, Jenn!

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