Thursday, December 27, 2012

BBBS 60: Christmas Joy

I got to spend some time with Ms. Little and her adorable family today. Instead of going out just the two of us I like to go to her house and hang out with the whole family. So much about being a big is difficult but there are so many very fabulous things about it as well; including getting such an awesome family to be part of MY family.


Since only two of the kids have a big at the moment, apparently bigs are hard to come by in LALA land (they need so many more volenteers) I bring a little something for everyone as well as a special gift for my little. Of course my little is so much like me, I love how the program really trys to find a match, so I know what the girl want… CLOTHES. For the stocking gifts that I give everyone they get a bag of goodies. Some candy, usually something for school like pencils, notebooks or folders and then I get them something cute. This year they were little individual ornaments that the kids can put on their Christmas tree since I noticed the last time I went over that they don’t have that many.


Presents aren’t the only thing on the agenda I also brought lunch and as we ate we all talked about school and goals and I talked with her mom about future plans. Sadly Ms. Little isn’t doing well in school right now. So the main focus of our conversation was about how important school is. How starting next year she will be in ninth grade and how her grades will affect the colleges she can apply too.


We also talked about their pending move. They are moving AGAIN, this is the third time in the four years I have been my little’s big. The moves are hard on the kids who haven’t known a stable home for more than two years since they were all born. This time they are moving because one of the girls was attacked by a man at knifepoint. The area that they live in is one of the worst in LA and Ms. Little’s mom is hoping by moving further away from the city she can get the kids in a safer environment.

It is so hard being a big and not being able to HELP more. Part of the program includes a mentor from BBBS to talk out these issues. The goal is to focus on bringing some positive influences into the child’s life not try to take over and fix everything. I think that is the hardest part about being a big, the inability to fix your little’s family and cultural problems.


For now we focus on manners, right and wrong, school, grades, and having some fun while trying to show her there is a big world out there to engage in. Love my litte!



Jennifer Arens said...

OK this made me cry

paul peggy zeus said...

You have been such a generous BIG and I love how you envelope the entire family with your thoughtfulness.

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