Sunday, December 16, 2012

BBBS 59: Rise of the Guardians

I am in the typical 14 year old stage with my little. It seems all she wants to do now is go to the mall, walk around, see and be seen, eat and then go to a movie. I remember doing this with my girlfriends when I was this age. So today when I asked her what she wanted to do I wasn’t surprised when again she suggested a movie and the mall.

We went to go see Rise of the Guardians and Mrs. Dancer came with us because she just cannot resist a good cartoon. The movie was a little annoying, there were kids giggling all around us but the movie was cute, much better than Alvin and the Chipmunk torture I had to endure last year.


After the movie I snuck in a little Christmas shopping for Mr. Rogue and then we swung over to get something to eat. Ms. Little is loving Chinese food and Panda Express was where she wanted to eat. Yummm healthy!


Ms. Little’s mom finally got a job after a year and a half of looking and is working night shifts as a security guard. Sadly it is the night shift; she is working 3pm-1am. This leaves both of Ms. Little’s sisters, ages 2 and 4 with her older sisters every night. It is hard on Ms. Little, she is so young for such responsibility five days a week. She is hoping to get switched to the day shift but until then I need to get her home by 2:30 when we go out. It was time to go.


paul peggy zeus said...

Ugh! I HATED my mom working those hours. When you're in school, you NEVER get to see her! By the time you get home from school, she's already gone, and when she gets home, you're sound asleep. I hope she can get her schedule changed FAST!

Jennifer Arens said...

We've just discovered the Alvin and the chipmunks movies.....

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