Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Brain: OBGYN Appointment

Ahhhhh I went to my appointment today and was a little disappointed. I read that maybe by now the doctor might be able to tell if my baby was a boy or a girl so Mr. Rogue and I went in hoping. Only today we didn’t get an ultrasound. Apparently this month my doctor just listened to the heartbeat. Everything sounded great, my weight was normal, my blood and urine tests were normal so we were sent on our way.

Of course before I left the office my doctor asked how I was feeling. When I complained about the consistent nausea she offered to me a new little pill that people are raving about. I am not super big on taking any kind of medication. I think our bodies let us know when something is off and it is up to us to stop whatever is freaking it out. If I have a headache it is usually because I am tired, stressed or just need to get off the computer. Instead of popping a Tylenol I listen to my body and give it a rest. Of course I take medication when I have to, I just don’t like to overmedicate when I don’t think it’s necessary. Now that I am pregnant I am even more vigilant about not adding unnecessary things into my body. These new pills are more natural than others I have read about. B Nexa is a pill that is B6 and ginger extracts ergo natural and maybe a little safer to use. They are more homeopathic and I am willing to give them a try.

So I left the doctor happy and sad. On one hand I am overjoyed that things are going so well with me and the baby, on the other I was really hoping to see the baby and find out what sex the baby is. Now I have to wait another three weeks until my next appointment. Sigh, I am so not good at being patient!

So no adorable photos of the baby and no ultrasound photo; just more waiting.

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paul peggy zeus said...

better to be safe than sorry. I admire your Dr's careful insistency in all things.

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