Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Brain: Gender Confusion

This morning I had an appointment with my regular doctor. Both the specialist and my OBGYN needed to see me during the 19th week and with the holidays being this week I had to schedule the appointments back to back. I didn’t get an ultrasound with my doctor, since I had just had one yesterday, but I did get my weight checked and my blood drawn. Everything is going so well this pregnancy and after yesterday’s ultrasound I am feeling much less anxious.

“Do you want to know the sex?” my technician asked me yesterday, rolling the wand over my belly like it was a Ouijia board. Mr. Rogue, didn’t have a preference, but he was curious. I happen to be intolerant of secrets, I really wanted to know figuring that the birth and having a new baby in the house will be surprise enough. She moved the wand, “Ah what a great look between those legs” she said. She tapped on her keyboard, zoomed in for a close-up and with her pointer showed us the image of the penis.

“A healthy baby BOY!” she cried.

I needed a moment to process. It isn’t that I didn’t want a little boy, in fact I am just super excited the baby is healthy. It’s just from the moment I was pregnant with this baby I felt in my heart it was a girl. I have been dreaming of little girls decked out in pink and tutus. And I have been working on a mood board for a little girl’s nursery. So much for mama’s intuition.

After my appointment Mr. Rogue and I went to the baby store. It was too soon to buy anything major but we just strolled around looking, me with stars in my eyes, trying to picture our little boy. I kept touching all the blue clothing seeing toy trucks, rough housing, dirt and bugs. I know I was type casting but those are the images that went flying through my mind.

We picked up a few little outfits, cute little things that seem too small to be real.



Mr. Rogue couldn’t help but reach for a little hat. It was the only thing he picked out himself. “For our little monster” he said. Our little monster indeed!



paul peggy zeus said...

It's funny. I kept dreaming of a little one in a tutu. Do you think Mr Rogue will mind his little boy in a hot pink tutu? lol. As long as he's healthy and whole, what else matters? Cute outfits! love the hat!

Jennifer Arens said...

We were at toys r us today and all the clothes there were for tiny little babies :-( just made me miss the baby stage all over again! I'm so happy I've discovered Amazon apps! Click and ship to you!!!!!!!

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