Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Brain: Anatomy Scan & Neural Tube Scan

Today was the day, the day I was hoping to find out we had a healthy baby and hopefully get some relief from the constant anxiety I have been under. I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks two years ago, and then last year I had another at just 6 weeks. I am now almost 19 weeks pregnant and today we were going for a full anatomy scan and our second genetic disorder screening.

Mr. Rogue, Ms. Pixie and I headed to the doctor's office. Ms. Pixie really wanted to see the baby and she wanted to be there because we were hoping to find out the sex of the baby. I was a little nervous that she was coming but since my nerves were already frayed raw I figured a little more wouldn't kill me. I was worried to go in and find no heartbeat, I was worried I would spiral out of control, and I was worried that Ms. Pixie would have to see that. But instead of dwelling on those negatives I tried to think about how special it would be for her to be there and see our healthy baby on the big screen.

The anatomy scan has to be done at a special lab with a higher calibrated ultrasound. It consists of measuring the femur, the longest bone in the body, to check and make sure the growth is tracking to the date of the pregnancy. It also checks the brain, the heart, the vertebra in the spine, blood flow through the body, a look at the kidneys and so much more. It took over a half hour to do the careful measurements but I started to tear up in the first minute when she confirmed the heartbeat. I kept asking questions running a constant stream of conversation. She saw my panic when we first started and asked about it, which lead into a conversation about miscarriages and the two that she suffered before she had her healthy baby.


After the anatomy scan we moved onto the measurements for the Neural Tube Scan to gage the chances for genetic disorders. Although my last appointment with this pregnancy went really well, see here, I was still nervous. Imagine my vast relief when we got our numbers back, they were the best they could be; a 1/100,000 chance that this child had a genetic disorder. The relief I felt was overpowering.

This baby was healthy, this pregnancy was going very well and my baby was squirming all over the screen. Of course the position the baby wanted to be in didn’t look all that comfortable to me. The baby had its legs extended up and over the body. Like some weird plow yoga movement. The technician says she sees this position often. Whatever is comfortable for you baby!

Sadly, although I do love that the technician did keep trying, we were unable to get a clear photo of the baby. With all the wiggling and the moving and the rolling it was even difficult for her to get some of the measurements she needed which resulted in the scans taking much longer. I was content to watch the baby move around but sad we didn’t get that clear photo.


And we did get to find out the sex of the baby, of course those roiling emotions are enough for whole other post, come back soon.


paul peggy zeus said...

I'm bursting with joy for you and your boy!

Jennifer Arens said...

Oh I'm so excited and happy and jealous :-).

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