Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Holiday Tradition: The Nutcracker

Mrs. Dancer and I got tickets to see the Nutcracker with our husbands. The Moscow Ballet company was performing at the Wiltern and I was ecstatic to see this legendary company perform the Nutcracker. Of course nothing went as planned. Mr. Rogue ended up having a mountain of things to finish at work, this being his last day of work before his 7 week break. This could be construed as my fault since I bought the tickets his last day of work, not my brightest idea. Thank goodness Ms. Pixie was super excited to take his place so the four of us headed out right on time.


Sadly Mrs. Dancer was confused about the location, we ended up parking and running up to our line. I was nervous because we didn’t have much time before curtain call. Thankfully we only missed the short introduction before we finally got our seats.

The ballet was incredible. It may have been the best Nutcracker I ever saw. The costumes were amazing and they did some really funny and interesting things with the story that I thought were adorable.



Afterwards Mrs. Dancer and I got a few photos with one of the ballerinas; I got dragged into it I assure you. It was such a cold night and it had started to rain while we were at the show so while the girls played with the ballerina Mr. Dancer ran to go get the car. Fun fun night, I was happy, Ms. Pixie was happy and by the time I got home Mr. Rogue was happy!


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paul peggy zeus said...

I can recall your first Nutcracker Ballet with Grandma Dottie like it was yesterday. I'm glad you loved it so much.

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