Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My New Nutty Friends

It has officially been a year since we moved into our new home. One of the many joys of this house is the backyard. Although technically smaller than our previous homes yard this one is more livable. We have beautiful furniture out there and I eat my breakfast most days in the morning sunshine.

Rogue, our 11 year old Rottweiler also loves the new yard. Mostly because of the evil squirrels that lives in our focus trees. There is nothing funnier than seeing a dog run back and forth across the yard chasing a squirrel he can very obviously never reach as the squirrel chitters down at the dumb dog barking below. The memory of it still keeps me entertained and will bring a smile to my face.

Two of the squirrels rule to roost. A large scrappy looking guy we call Big S. I know so original right. And the other is smaller, leaner but maybe even more cunning. I call him Mr. Nuts. I often wonder if Mr. Nuts is a girl. Regardless when the dog wears himself out with his chasing the two squirrels are busy defending the trees in our yard from other squirrels. And when the other squirrels are gone we see them often fighting between the two. No on in the trees seem to get along. I mean can’t we all just be friends.

Regardless growing up in Michigan we had a large oak tree out back and a strip of forest. Squirrels lived everywhere on that property and having them in my yard again makes me feel like a kid again.

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paul peggy zeus said...

How Vogue. . . strike a pose.

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