Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mrs. Dancer is Joining the Club

I started taking photos with an SLR camera five years ago. In that time I helped Ms. Pool Shark select an SLR, Mrs. Rambo and now Mrs. Dancer is going us in getting her camera. Since it came in the mail today, and since she is leaving tomorrow on a trip she came over for a quick rundown on some dos and don’ts.


The good news is that Mrs. Dancer has used one of my camera bodies when we were together often. So she is used to handling an SLR. However she was shooting with my older 50D and she purchased the newer 7D. The principles however are similar even if some of the buttons are in different places. We did a run through of some key things to know and double check and then she did some practicing. I think the hardest part for her will be that she isn’t going to be with me while on vacation. Usually I am there to help or answer questions.


However she did order a few how too books and when in doubt of getting a good shot I told her to always take a backup photo in automatic mode. That way if she forgets something important she will still end up with a photo. Learning how to use an SLR correctly isn’t easy but she is determined to practice practice practice. And I love having so many buddies now with SLR cameras!


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paul peggy zeus said...

You are always sharing your knowledge with those who surround you. :+)

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