Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Generally the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, we squirrel ourselves at home and decorate for Christmas. I love Christmas and I want those decorations up for as long as possible without infringing on thanksgiving. Plus we hate dealing with the Black Friday craziness that descends on the world.

However with Thanksgiving cleaning extravaganza and then Thanksgiving Day busyness along with the fact that Mr. Rogue was out of town and therefore I couldn’t get any of my Christmas bins off the shelves and into the house safely I opted to call Black Friday a day of rest. For the first time in forever I did nothing on Black Friday.

Mr. Rogue got home yesterday and so today we went out to get our trees so we could decorate. Of course shopping for Christmas trees when it is sunny and 70 is pretty fantastic, add a few palm trees in the background and well it’s just awesome!


So Mr. Rogue, Ms. Pixie and I all went and picked out two trees. Yes TWO, which Mr. Rogue grumbled about for a good half hour. I love Christmas and we have the space for a good four or five trees; he should just be happy I settle on only two.


I had to make two trips, the trees we picked were giant 9 foot trees so only one would fit on the car at a time. YEA CHRISTMAS!!!!


It took a while for Ms. Pixie and Mr. Rogue to wrestle both trees onto their pedestals and then the real fun began. Mr. Rogue dragged out bin after bin of Christmas decorating deliciousness which then proceeded to explode all over the house. Everyone chipped in. Mr. Rogue managed the lights on the trees and Ms. Pixie helped me set up various smaller decorations.



It took several hours to get everything in its place. Of course it took me much longer to complete my jobs because I was moving at a glacial pace… oh and all those breaks didn’t help at all. At least the puppy likes it when I take a rest because I always have energy to ruffle his sweet little ears.


We finished almost everything and were all tired. No one wanted to make dinner and Mr. Rogue was hankering for some Cheesecake Factory. A hard day’s work deserves a good dinner where someone else cooks it and cleans it up.

Since it was such a nice night the three of us opted to sit out on the patio. The patio overlooks the harbor and it’s really beautiful at night. Of course the space heaters help us keep toasty warm and I love it under the lights.


The Cheesecake Factory portions are out of control. I opted to order a sandwich thinking that it would be a little more manageable. I got the Navajo with fried chicken fingers. Nope, it was ginormous but oh so super delicious that I have been dreaming about it since. Stupid pregnancy cravings now I want to go to Cheesecake Factory all the time. I only finished half and then ate the rest cold the next morning. Yummmmmmmm.


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