Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the Surfas

Today, finally, I was able to pay a visit to Surfas and I have to say it was an orgasmic experience. Every restaurant quality kitchen supply you can imagine is housed here, ready and waiting for you to buy. We are talking massive quantities of shiny, happy stainless steel pots and pans. Baking sheets, measuring cups, tins, cooking cutters, cake decorating bags, bowls of all types and sizes, orange extract, chocolate extract, vanilla paste, vanilla powder, grapefruit oil, mustard seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, chocolate nibs to five pound bars all in one large magic kitchen warehouse.

Mr. Rogue and I skipped through the racks of wonderfulness.. ok I skipped but my husband was just as happy, he was just happy on the inside. Regardless around every corner there was a new delight and I just couldn’t stop gasping in pleasure. The isle full of sprinkles made me squeal in delight and Mr. Rogue spent about an hour in the oil from the heavens isle.


After a half hour we got down to business. We actually came to the store for a purpose, or I dragged Mr. Rogue here for a purpose. I wanted a gigantic pot. You see we have two large sauce pots; and 8 Quart and a 6 Quart which are both more than adequate for most situations. However there are those times when I just need a bigger pot. I like to cook giant batches of homemade soups, spaghetti sauces, chilli’s to freeze so we have healthy homemade options to grab for a quick dinner. There are also times when we have many house guests and having a large pot would really help in making bigger meals for 14 or more. Usually I can only double the recipes because I don’t have enough space. And this Christmas when we had a house full of guests I borrowed a large pot from a friend for the two weeks. It ended up being wonderful.

So I was on a mission, I wanted a large pot that would handle all our needs. Originally I was going to get a 15 ish quart but then I saw the mother of all pots, a beautiful stainless steel 22 quart gargantuan monstrosity and I fell in love. I brought it home and made a triple batch of my spaghetti sauce without even filling it half way. It DWARFS my largest 8 quart pot and I simply LOVE IT!


Where I am going to store it however is another story.



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That's a gigantic pot! I'm sure you'll be able to make enough spaghetti and have plenty of leftovers too.

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