Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Feel so Remarkably UNFUN

I am having a pity party I know but I have a good reason. There is a huge party tonight and I am not going. They are going to have a live band, free food and alcohol, lots of friends and laughter, oh and did I mention that they completely rented out the super cool House of Blues to have this party at.

I had all good intentions of going. I took an extra-long nap and I made sure to eat simple bland food but the bottom line is I am still feeling like poo and although my brain was raring to go my body boycotted moving. And that is how I ended up in my pajamas waving my husband and my niece away as they climbed into their taxi.

What doubly sucks is that my husband is leaving tomorrow for a week. He is going to visit his family for Thanksgiving and since I am not allowed to travel I am stuck here. Although I was the one who encouraged him to go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving I am still feeling sad I cannot go too. Again my mind is shouting yes and my body is crying no.

I just wanna have fun!!!!


paul peggy zeus said...

Best thing to do is have a pity party for two, that way at least you have company. :) Feel better soon!!

Jess said...

Next party we are going together! I still have yet to go to one of these crazy parties!

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