Monday, November 12, 2012

Home & Garden: The Great Room Part 2 – Kitchen

The kitchen half of the great room was much easier to decorate… as kitchens usually are. I had an old wine wrack that occupies one wall holding several magazines, some nick nacks and of course our ever revolving stash of wine.


The only furniture I really needed to get was the counter stools. I wanted stools with a back so people could sit comfortably and hang out while I cook. I ended up finding the prefect ones while at Ethan Allen while I was there selecting the living room furniture. I remember seeing them and thinking they would be perfect. As I walked over I chanted over and over again… “Please oh please let them be comfortable”. They were curved and totally our style and thank goodness they were super comfortable. I picked a warm honeyed brown leather for the seat to bring out the warm brown tones in the counter top.


With the chairs being metal they stared to leave faint marks on our hardwood floors. I started to keep my eye out for a runner to go under them and found a pattern almost exactly matching the family room rug at Bed Bath and Beyond. PERFECT.


I love the natural light so I decided not to do window treatments over the sink. That coupled with the constant splashing of water and I finally convinced Mr. Rogue that I could leave that window bare. I love looking out that window into our beautiful back yard while doing dishes.


I love the little backsplash tiles in this kitchen. They cover every counter to the bottom of the cabinet leaving no exposed drywall. Meaning that it makes the kitchen that much more beautiful but also easier to clean, and easy to clean is my top rule.


One of our main requirements when looking at new homes was a kick butt kitchen with tons of counter space. This house of course had the best kitchen of all the houses I looked at. We kept the rest of the kitchen is pretty simple. I simply hate cluttered countertops. A candle here, a fruit basket there, a little container of spoons, the hardly ever used microwave in one corner and then of course Mr. Rogue’s pride and joy coffee friend. With the kitchen having so much cabinet storage everything else is away and out of sight. And again this mantra makes cleaning the kitchen so much easier.


We spend quite a bit of time in the great room and it makes me happy with how warm and cozy it came out. So many dinners, parties, friends, relaxing and fun happen here. It is the heart of a home and it makes me happy.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow, your kitchen is HUGE! I love the runner and the bar stools. Very nice!

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