Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home & Garden: The Great Room Part 1 – Family Room

The great room consists of the kitchen and family room combined into one colossal room. I loved this room the second we walked in, with super high 14 foot ceilings and the open floor plan from the kitchen through the family room I would no longer have to cook alone. We were also super excited about the counter seating area, a place to snag quick lunches or just to hang out with someone working in the kitchen. This was a great room anyone would fall in love with!

All plans I made for decorating were made in good faith and the plan I had ended up looking NOTHING like the mood board that I made. Sometimes these mood boards work fantastically like the finished Living Room turned out very much the same as its original mood board http://www.theroguewoman.com/2011/11/formal-living-room-moodboard.html . Other times like this time the plan ended up having to be thrown away. Mood boards however are just guides and unfortunately my guide for this room ended up uncomfortable when seen in person.

The beautiful rug I chose to base the entire room design on ended up being a rough thin woven fiber rug which would have been terrible on bare feet, on baby’s knees and for messes spilled on it. The couch and the chairs were all ok but nothing that I would want to curl up in for hours. With those main pieces falling off my list the whole rooms feel fell apart and I was left back at square zero. We knew we would be spending a ton of time in this room and we wanted it COMFORTABLE.

We decided to keep our original super comfy blue couch and just get it cleaned. I then found a fantastic deal on a giant plush rug and nabbed it for only $100 at a discount clearance store. It was zebra print which was a tiny bit too bold maybe but I made it work. Of course the painting Mr. Rogue’s sister painted stayed in the room as well as our beloved red entertainment center we got a few years ago from Crate & Barrel.


Trying to find our comfy reclining chairs left me disappointed. Mr. Rogue and I went to over 12 stores sitting in chair after chair. One was too short (my husband is a tall man), one was comfy but gigantically ugly and many many more matched our taste style wise but lacked in the curlability factor. We finally gave up and both decided to get the same chair that Mr. Rogue’s parents had. They have a single leather chair in their home that the 12 of us fought over the entire week we were at their home last year. The most comfy recliner ever with good lines as well. Our only problem was that we had to buy them from North Carolina and ship them to Los Angeles. We have had them now for eight months and they are so comfortable that the extra effort to get them shipped was worth it.

We chose a dark grey, thinking that would be better for spills when we have children, and when they were delivered they were such a dark grey as almost to be black. This is why I hate ordering things and not seeing them in person. The super dark grey chairs will work and will probably be better with the inevitable stains but I would have wished them to be a little lighter.


Because we use this room so often this is the second room I finished the curtains for. With five windows they took FOREVER but curtains always make a room feel more cozy and inviting.

With the main furniture now in the room I started on the accessories. A small table for drinks when people are on the couch. A larger table to go between Mr. Rogue and my reclining chairs. Some nick nacks scattered here and there, but not too many because I hate moving things when I dust. I then added few baskets that I found at Crate & Barrel which can be used for extra seating and for storage (double plus). And then I finished the room with two gigantic pots to bring some greenery into the room.


And here is where our problem came in with this room, and hence why I haven’t shown it to you yet. Originally Mr. Rogue and I wanted to put indoor Ficus Trees in these pots. Sadly the Ficus Trees suffered blight in the California area and despite numerous nursery’s all looking for me none of them were able to get me two in the past six months. Mr. Rogue and I finally broke down and a month ago got online and picked out two fake trees. We ordered two 8 foot red/brown Japanese Maple trees and they finally came yesterday. We are in love!


Of course the colors and the textures are what makes me most happy about this room. The color is all influenced by the colors in the painting that Mr. Rogue’s sister painted; rich reds, cool blues with a wonderful pop of yellow here and there. I think that was one of the best tips I ever got from a designer, you can choose any piece of art, any fabric, any rug or scarf or blanket and design a room around it that can work. By following the color paletee that the artist already selected your colors will work together.


The room turned out happy and comfy and inviting.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I love those two Japanese Maple Trees flanking Ms. Painter's painting. I still think you should pick up your paint brush and just "create". You are so very talented. The chairs do look black, but they work.

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