Saturday, November 3, 2012

Game of Thrones

Since I am restricted on many things I can do, and since I haven’t been feeling all that perky I have been going through books ravenously. I love to read, generally finishing a book or two a week, but over the past two months I have been going through a book a day. In an effort to stop running the book store every week I started looking around for a nice long SERIES of books. The longer the better. I ended up picking the ever so popular Game of Thrones, five books each over 1200 pages.


Not only are they fantastic, I feel transported to an era of dragons and princesses, but it has been over a week and I am still not done with the last book. Sadly I am on book five now, and with all good books I don’t want it to end. There are two more books the author plans on writing in the series but he just came out with book five so I am going to have to wait a while.

Ah if only the good books could last forever!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Great books are a wonderful past time. I have also been reading like a mad woman, but mainly so I can unload some weight in our RV.

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