Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Down Memory Lane

I am on a pretty restricted list of activities. My OBGYN just wants to make sure that I stay calm and quiet so she has banned many of my extra circular activities. No walks longer than a half hour and no carrying my heavy lens which means no birding, or hikes or zoos for me. No traveling by plane, car, train or boat which means no birding trips out on the ocean, no cruise, no vacation further than an hour away. No exercising besides my above mentioned restricted walk a day, which means no dance class, no gym and no elliptical.

Those restrictions coupled with my nausea have kept me pretty quiet and at home; lots of naps, lots of lying around, lots of reading and lots of TV. But what I urn to do is to go away. I love traveling, I love seeing new things and being in a new place, and a little weekend camping in the forest or a little trip to see a friend or relatives is just what I am wanting right now. Heck I cannot even go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving or my brothers for Christmas like I had originally planned. Mr. Rogue has all of January free. We were planning on a trip to Australia… but that was pre-pregnant and Australia is now very obviously out of the question. We are opting for some quiet at home, organizing the house and getting the nursery set up. In essence some good ole nesting.

I am so happy to be pregnant, I am so happy to be in this place and time I am in however I am a have my cake and eat it too kind of girl and well right now I cannot be pregnant and travel. So today I spent a good three hours just scrolling back at my travel posts on the blog, reliving funny moments, remembering friends and family and great times. It is hard and time consuming to keep a blog updated but when moments come like this when I can relive so vividly where I have been it is priceless. I just love how far I can go back and it is all documented for me to browse through again and again.

Ahhh if I cannot travel with my body I will just have to travel with my mind.



The Galapagos

The Grand Canyon

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paul peggy zeus said...

I've always said that if I'd die tomorrow, NO ONE can take away all the memories, the people we've met, and the places we've been. NO ONE!! Memories are wonderful.

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