Friday, October 26, 2012

Couch Potato

I know that there has been a sad lack of daily updating. In fact I think I have officially been lagging with this blog for months. Mostly it is because I feel like complete dog poo. In my pregnancy book I am reading there is a mention of feeling exhausted when you have done nothing all day. Believe me, I have been doing virtually nothing, bare minimum laundry, bare minimum cleaning and often I tell my husband and niece that they can have soup… again… for dinner because I just couldn’t rustle up the energy to cook. Growing a baby is hard work and although I don’t feel like I am doing anything my body is working hard, the book even likens every day expending the same energy as running a marathon. I concur!

Regardless I have been doing a ton of couch surfing, something that is totally not my style at all, but something that is dominating my life right now. You think that it would be an easy thing to just slap my laptop on my lap and type out how I am feeling, but that exhaustion is also making me a procrastinator, something is also totally not my style.

Anyways, although I normally don’t watch TV at all, I have to admit it isn’t because those producers don’t know what they are doing. TV is perfectly geared to engage us, suck us in, make us fall in love with the characters and get engaged in the story. When I watch TV I love it, I just don’t love the feeling I have after, the feeling of being brain dead, the feeling of being shoveled imagery, the feeling of being comatose and the feeling that I lost hours of my life to some show. However now I am more than happy to join the couch potato generation and I have watched more TV in the past 3 months than I have in the past 10 years. Netflix is my new best friend and Breaking Bad is my new current obsession.


I am hoping soon, once I hit the second trimester that I will be back to my energetic self. Until then I will be parked out in front of the TV.


Jennifer Arens said...

Omg breaking bad is aaaaaaawwwwwweeeeessssssoooommmmmeeeee

paul peggy zeus said...

I have still not watched this series, although Kevin gave us the entire first year, People keep telling me I won't like it, but I still want to see it just to see for myself.

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