Sunday, October 21, 2012

BBBS 58: Everything is Better Bedazzled!

I finally made plans to pick up my little for an outing, and I barely made it through the five hours we were together. I just have no energy and haven’t seen my little in over a month. Since I do try to stick to seeing her every few weeks I knew I had to push through the feeling of being sick and just suck it up. We made plans to carve some pumpkins. Mrs. Dancer came over, Ms. Pixie joined us and then of course Ms. Little and her twin sister Ms. Lil all got a pumpkin.


Since I had just carved a pumpkin a few weeks ago, and since I wasn’t feeling too spooky I decided to do a painted pumpkin and then Ms. Pixie mentioned bedazzling and well the rest was history. I ended up painting my pumpkin a shiny lavender and then over the course of the next few days spent time painting on white details and of course adding the jewels. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out; even if it isn’t a real Halloween style pumpkin.




We had a great time like we always do. The girls are getting so big and hitting their teen years full of boys and school. Ms. Little decided to paint her pumpkin. Ms. Pixie of course painted hers and Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Lil carved their pumpkins and then added paint as well. We made a gigantic mess but the pumpkins came out great.






By the time we were done working the girls were starving. Ms. Little wanted Chinese food and I rustled up just enough energy to take them to lunch. We are always goofy together and had a blast reading each other’s fortunes.





When I finally dropped them off I raced home so I could take a nap. Thank goodness I can indulge in as much sleep as I want. This growing a baby stuff is exhausting.


Jennifer Arens said...

You don't look tired, you look great! Bedazzled pumpkins are awesome!

Jess said...

Hey who's to say what a " Halloween style" pumpkin is! Fashion is always changing so why not holidays?

paul peggy zeus said...

Bejeweled pumpkins, who would have thought.

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