Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Brain: Ultrasound Neural Tube Scan

With each ultrasound, with each appointment, with each day that passes I feel a little better, a little more confident that everything will go well this pregnancy. Today was a big day. Mr. Rogue and I opted to get the Neural Tube Scan (NT Scan), a high res ultrasound by a trained technician to detected early indicators of chromosomal problems. They combine a blood test with five ultrasound markers to give you the statistical chance that your baby will have a chromosomal abnormality.

After our first miscarriage Mr. Rogue and I went to get blood tested for chromosomal abnormalities and we both came out without any issues but with two miscarriages behind us my doctor strongly recommended the test and I was all for another reassuring ultrasound.

I was nervous. The first pregnancy I went at week 13 for an NT scan. My blood work came back good but the baby tested positive for one of the ultrasound soft markers, they couldn’t see the nose bone, and we were given a statistical probability chance of 1/2,600. It wasn’t an awful score but it still made me nervous. I am not a gambling girl, I don’t like to bet on outcomes.

We ended up losing that baby and we still don’t have answers as to why. The doctor’s best guess was that there was in fact a chromosomal problem. But it’s just a guess… we will never know what happened to our little angel.

This time Mr. Rogue came with me. He has a pretty hectic schedule and with our first pregnancy he only came to the last one, the one where we found the baby to have no heartbeat. I thank God that he was there it was just an accident of scheduling that he was able to finally make an ultrasound appointment. This pregnancy he has been to every single appointment, and considering how many appointments my doctor has had me in for we have been back and forth to the doctor often.

Our ultrasound went perfectly. My blood work came back without any issues. The baby was in the perfect position giving us a good side view and the baby showed no soft markers. We had a nose bone and all! We were given our results at the end and that number made my heart leap with joy; a 1/28,000 chance of having a chromosomal problem.

A perfect little baby at last!



Jess said...

Yay for Baby Perfection! We can't wait to meet you Baby Rogue!

Jennifer Arens said...

Wonderful news!

paul peggy zeus said...

Everything is going perfectly. I am so happy for you that you can start to relax a little more now.

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