Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Brain: Pregnancy Brain

I have been wanting a pumpkin pie for weeks, almost as soon as the last piece of the last pie I made was gone. Pumpkin pie and macaroni and cheese seem to be the only two things this child wants. Oh how I wish baby wasn’t picky about the Pumpkin Pie. Sure boxed oh so unhealthy Velveeta Shells and Cheese is totally fine but a store bought Pumpkin Pie won’t do… no I have to bake one. So yesterday I finally rustled up the energy to make a crust, and then after resting I forced myself to make the filling. Thank goodness pumpkin pie is so easy to whip up because my energy level has been zero!

I was so excited that evening I had to force myself to eat some real food. If I was alone I probably would have had just pie for dinner. After we ate I portioned out three slices, gobbled on the whipped cream and then cuddled into my comfy chair for my first bite.

AHHHHHHH it was awful… worse than awful, it was disgusting. It only took me a moment to go through the list of ingredients and realize that in my weakened pregnancy brain state I forgot to add the cup and a half of sugar the recipe calls for. As in there wasn’t a drop of sugar in that filling, as in that filling tasted like gross pumpkin unsweeted paste.

It was the most horrible pie in the world, the most horrible pie by far that I have ever made and I just broke down and cried. I wanted that pie so much, was it too much to ask to have a single pie in my misery!

We tried to sprinkle sugar over the top but nothing would salvage it. I ended up having to throw the entire pie away. Thank goodness today I was determined and I made a new pie. Don’t worry this time I triple checked the ingredients. And this second pie came out beautifully.

You kids who haven’t been pregnant yet. Read a pregnancy book, all those symptoms, they are not lies they are telling the truth! Pregnancy brain is REAL!

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paul peggy zeus said...

My mom forgot sugar one year, and we toughed it out so she wouldn't feel so bad. Even heaping whip cream wouldn't cut the Pumpkin Pate' flavor. Awful is right, you'll never make that error again, and I can still taste that bland, pate' pumpkin pie.

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