Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Brain: Panic Before a Party

I haven’t kept it a secret that this pregnancy has been hard. I so wish I could be one of those people that could skip through pregnancy with a constant smile and absolutely no symptoms. That is just sadly not me. I am a complaining, aching, nauseated mess and nothing like those pregnant women who are more like magical pregnancy unicorns.

Since Mr. Rogue is out of town this year for Thanksgiving week I opted to host a pot luck Thanksgiving at my house. Of course I wasn’t really thinking about the practicality of actually hosting the party. I just wanted to have a good meal with friends. Well the day before the big day rolls around and I haven’t cleaned my house, really cleaned it, in months. Everything had to be moved, vacuumed and mopped under, dusted and cleaned. Rather than break it up into several days, or even get it done early as I would have pre-pregnancy, (but let’s face it I don’t think my house has ever been this bad) I procrastinated until last minute.

I don’t let my house get so messy; I plan ahead and make sure things are done in plenty of time… I simply do not procrastinate. That is I didn’t pre-pregnancy. Now all my rules are chucked out the window. So here I was the day before the party and I had to spend nine hours cleaning my house. Nine excruciatingly painful hours doing something I did not want to do. I finished it by sheer force of willpower. I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t want to clean, I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. The thought even ran across my mind to just cancel Thanksgiving all together. Bahhh humbug!

I am happy I muscled through, I am happy that everything that needed to get done got done, and I was so thankful to have gotten everything finished. I then treated myself to a nice long shower and then proceeded to sleep for 12 hours. AHHHHHHHHHHH everything looks so much better when you sleep that long and wake up to a sparkling clean house. LET’S get this party started!

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paul peggy zeus said...

I always feel better waking up to a clean house. It's so much easier now that my home is on wheels. 35 minutes and whale, I'm all done cleaning, scrubbing the floors and even wiping the refrigerator out. I've got it down to a science, and I LOVE it!!

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