Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Brain: My First Pair of Maternity Pants

I am just a day shy of 12 weeks pregnant but already I have an undeniable pooch. My doctor mentioned that your second time pregnant your body remembers and pops out a little earlier. So here I am with my beer gut looking not so pregnant and a little like I got a little carried away with the cupcakes.

Almost all of my dresses are going to fit for a while, thank goodness for tunic style and empire waists! It has however gotten a little too chilly in lala land recently to wear dresses around town. My jeans no longer zip up comfortably and my leggings are starting to give me a muffin top. Since I was pregnant last time when it was warm I just rocked all those dresses but I had to go to the store to get my first pair of maternity pants today.

I headed to my local Nordstrom and grabbed plenty of styles and sizes. In the changing room I slipped on my first pair of maternity pants ever and the SMILE that leapt across my face was heavenly. PEOPLE don’t know what they are missing. They were the most comfortable pair of jeans that I have ever put on. That stretchy elastic waistline, that oh so comfy roomy feeling, and not showing a muffin top. LOVE, I swear that I am in love!!!!

In the end I walked out with two pair of leggings (one black and one brown) as well as a pair of jeans. I still have plenty of long tops that I can rock until I get much bigger and then I will have fun with more shopping. At least now I can rock my pooch in warmth and comfort!

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paul peggy zeus said...

WE WANT BELLY SHOTS!! lol. Where's the pants?

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